Postkorb and dossier for an accident insurer


 Before the solution was implemented, the incoming mail was physically delivered to our customers in their locations throughout Switzerland. Internal allocation and subsequent processing were inconsistent and involved significant manual effort. For both the immediate participants and at the management level, the initial process was not very transparent.

The use of documents was difficult: those documents that existed in electronic form were either accessible only from core applications in a relatively rigid format or were stored in various drives.

Physical documents were usually kept in paper dossiers. For cross-site collaboration, the dossiers had to be sent from one location to another.

Inacta services:

Inacta supported the entire project for the customer, from the technical conception stage, through the selection of the appropriate operating model and the implementation of the solution, to on-site implementation and support.

Thanks to the close involvement of the business users in the modeling and implementation of appropriate interfaces, a seamless solution was created that was integrated into the target environment. Today, the incoming mail from over 20 locations is scanned centrally by the PLC and various features are identified. The documents reach the customer in digital form, depending on the degree of recognition, documents can be automatically forwarded to the respective target system or provided in advance for the clerk. The archived electronic documents are accessed via a structured dossier view. The digitization and archiving of existing paper dossiers were also accompanied by us.

Benefits for the customer:

With the introduction of the mailbox solution, the customer was able to establish uniform standards for the allocation, processing and filing of the incoming mail throughout the organization (in the core business and the other management and support departments), and the entire process became clearer and comprehensible. The customer’s document handling now meets all legal requirements.

The digitization of the inbox and the introduction of the electronic dossier have significantly improved the framework for the implementation of cross-site processes, such as joint case handling or the centralization of certain tasks. In addition, standardised processes have been automated (also continuously), thereby reducing costs. Generally speaking, lead times are now shorter - and all in all, our customer has taken an important step on the way to the digital enterprise with this project.