Inacta AG integrates Futurae Technologies AG to increase security and optimize the digital customer journey

2. April 2019

Zug, April 2, 2019. – Leading Swiss IT consulting company and blockchain service provider, Inacta AG, selects Zurich based cybersecurity firm, Futurae Technologies, to provide secure and seamless authentication for their services.

Zug based Inacta AG is an independent Swiss IT consulting company for Information Management and Blockchain Applications. About 70 experienced digitization professionals support organizations in insurance, banking, real estate and healthcare. In addition to that, the firm supports startups and established companies with consulting, training and software development services. As an early adopter, Inacta understands blockchain as one of the key enabler for future innovative value chain. As the name implies, Tokengate provides an infrastructure to regularly compliant connect people and tokens. For increased convenience, Futurae’s “ZeroTouch” two-factor authentication has been integrated into Tokengate.

Futurae, an ETH Zurich spin-off, offers a comprehensive, and innovative multi-factor authentication (MFA) suite. A leading mobile authentication and transaction authorization solution provider, Futurae’s unique product called “Zero-Touch” is a two-factor authentication solution that works entirely without user interaction. With a suite full of future proof solutions, the company offers a modular banking-grade authentication portfolio to plug and play, for web, mobile phones and also smart assistants. Futurae also offers passwordless technology, focusing on removing familiar pains of end users and logins.

“We are in the business of making secure authentication as easy to use as possible for end users, particularly in highly regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare and insurance”, says Sandra Tobler, CEO of Futurae. “With Inacta, we have found a strong partner to reach these businesses and beyond.”

“End user convenience is very important in order to further drive the adoption of blockchain. In many value chains, which are about to be changed with blockchain, connecting people with tokens is a crucial element. Futurae’s solution makes it very convenient for the users to authenticate.”, explains Daniel Rutishauser, Head of Blockchain Services at Inacta.

With this partnership, Futurae further proves that the future of authentication is based on innovation and usability. With passwords alone no longer sufficient to protect access to users information, customer centric authentication is paramount to ensure a frictionless user experience.



Zug based Inacta AG is an independent Swiss IT consulting company for Information Management and Blockchain Applications. About 100 experienced digitization professionals support organisations in insurance, banking, real estate and healthcare. Their clients benefit from its high level of professionalism, proven implementation methods, innovative solutions, and the most modern technologies pertaining to digital transformation processes. As a reliable and trustworthy partner, flexibility and comprehensive industry knowledge guarantee the success of each and every project undertaken. One reflection of Inacta’s commitment to cutting-edge technology is its participation in the Crypto Valley Association as a founding member, as well as its work as an initiator of CV Maps, CV Summit and the CV Competition, whose aim is to support the growth of technology startups. In this way, Inacta contributes to the continued economic prominence of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Together with CVVC (early-stage investments in technology startups), Crypto Valley Labs (the worldwide home for blockchain), Tokengate (connecting people and tokens), GenTwo digital (making crypto assets bankable), and Lakeside Business Center AG (modern office space), Inacta is at the center of an innovative and entrepreneurial group of firms.



Futurae Technologies AG was founded by ETH Zurich security researchers and offers a strong portfolio of multi-factor authentication tools that provide a high degree of security and protection of user privacy without compromising on customer experience. The suite offers a full range of authentication methods that grants companies complete flexibility (e.g. “One-Touch” solutions, single device, IoT authentication or sound-based; the innovative autonomous “Zero-Touch” product). In addition, Futurae human-centric technologies also enable swift and uncomplicated integration into a company’s existing infrastructure and reducing overall operating costs for customers.

Contact: - Inacta AG, Gotthardstrasse 26, 6300 Zug Daniel Rutishauser,, Tel. +41 79 419 98 48 - Futurae Technologies AG, Eichstrasse 23, 8045 Zürich, Gaetano Mecenero,, Tel. +41 79 233 23 79