Switzerland's first Blockchain Apprenticeship to be launched

2. August 2021


By 2028, Switzerland will need more than 117,000 new skilled workers in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT). This demand for talent is also emerging in the fast-growing Crypto Valley in particular, where new technologies such as blockchain require additional, specific expertise. The training company TIE International has recognized this, which is why it founded Switzerland's first blockchain apprenticeship together with the companies Inacta AG and CV VC AG, which are domiciled in Zug.

For former Federal Councilor Johann Schneider-Amman, too, it is clear "that the future and immense potential for the business location are emerging in Crypto Valley". This is what he told the Neue Züricher Zeitung this spring. More than 960 companies are already located in Crypto Valley in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Together, they employ more than 5,000 people (see CV VC Top 50 Report H2/2020). They also include the IT companies Inacta and CV VC. Attractive apprenticeships are intended to promote young talent, which is why Inacta and CV VC immediately seized the opportunity to help shape TIE International's innovative blockchain apprenticeship.



The blockchain apprenticeship builds on the computer science and mediamatics apprenticeship, expanded to focus on blockchain technology and its development. Barbara Surber, Co-Founder and COO of TIE International, says, "We've been working hard to break down educational structures in the area of blockchain technology so that we can specifically train ICT professionals in this environment." IT training will be sharpened with blockchain modules on topics such as fintech, crypto and smart contracts. From the 2nd year of the apprenticeship, the apprentices work in their training company and gain their first experience in the blockchain environment. In August, the first apprentice starts at Inacta.

Jennifer Arman, Head Corporate Center at Inacta (picture): "We are

one of the leading IT service providers in the field of digitalisation and see blockchain as one of the technologies of the future. Therefore, it is obvious and we see it as our responsibility to promote young and interested talents in this field. With the newly established blockchain apprenticeship, we want to lay the foundation for a solid basic education in the heart of Crypto Valley." Throughout the four years of the apprenticeship, Inacta will be in close contact with its apprentice and with TIE International.

Jennifer Arman, Head Corporate Center at Inacta

CV VC is also committed to this and will welcome an apprentice in the field of Mediamatik EFZ with a focus on blockchain, starting this August. Barbara Surber: "Our collaboration with Inacta and CV VC lays a foundation that will hopefully be followed by many more apprenticeships in Crypto Valley."


The training company TIE International AG, headquartered in Zug, is a future-oriented group of companies in the ICT and training industry. It pursues the approach of a practical, international and high-quality training of young ICT professionals (Mediamatik and informatics) based on the latest technologies and trends.

The latest project: the world's first blockchain apprenticeship. In the first year of the training program, students will build a solid foundation through a combination of basic and in-depth IT modules as well as practical assignments, all taught directly by TIE International. From the second year of training onward, blockchain modules are introduced, and students gain first-hand, onsite work experience in various fields, while specific training topics - such as mining – will continue to be taught by TIE International.


CV VC is a private company based in Zug which invests in all stages of the crypto and blockchain growth cycle. It offers seed funding and a three-month incubator program in exchange for equity or tokens.

CV Labs is a unique co-working space in Zug, Vaduz and Dubai, tailored to the needs of blockchain companies, where meetups and networking events are held regularly. It is an ideal home base for startups participating in the CV Labs incubation program.